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Should I Use an Aluminum or Steel Trailer with My RAM Truck?

Aluminum vs Steel Trailer Pros and Cons

Here at Bayside, many of our customers choose a RAM truck – or even a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Dodge Durango – because of its ability to tow heavy loads. But the trailer you choose to use with your towing is just as important. If you are also in the market for a new trailer, we thought that we would share some pros and cons between ones made of aluminum and ones made of steel.

Aluminum Trailers


  • More lightweight
  • Better fuel economy for your vehicle when towing
  • Easy to maintain – typically only needs regular washings and lube applications
  • Great for transporting a variety of items, but especially livestock – the animals will enjoy a smoother ride on the highway


  • Significantly more expensive when the initial purchase is made
  • Can be very bouncy on rough and uneven terrain

Steel Trailers


  • More rugged and can handle extremely heavy loads (such as transporting construction equipment)
  • Can also handle rough terrain more easily than aluminum trailers
  • Cheaper when initially purchased


  • Significantly heavier and you may need a more heavy-duty vehicle
  • Makes your vehicle thirstier when towing
  • Can easily corrode and rust due to moisture and road salt
  • Requires more maintenance – needs regular touch-ups on scratches and be properly finished/sealed
  • Maintenance and repair costs can add up over time

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