2019 Super Bowl Ad Rundown

During Sunday's Super Bowl game, new commercials aired for Dodge, Jeep, and Ram on TV and across social media. Though the game was arguably less than memorable, all six ads brought distinct looks and sounds to match each brand.

Dodge - "Georgia"

Dodge's ad "Georgia" is inspired by Charlie Daniels Band's "Devil Went Down to Georgia" and features the Dodge SRT line-up tearing through the streets of Atlanta, past the Georgia State Capitol. The amped up arrangement of the iconic song is performed with a full marching band and a fiddle, of course.

Jeep - "Crusher"

"Crusher" might as well be named Phoenix. An old pick-up truck goes into an industrial crusher. The windows bust out and the tires deflate, but then the headlights turn on and the car comes to life. It pushes back, overheats the crusher, and emerges victorious as the 2020 Jeep Gladiator.

Jeep - "More Than Just Words"

"More Than Just Words" is pure Americana. Set to a stripped-down rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, it retells the lyrics of the song through its imagery of tire swings, a father and newborn son, and even Marilyn Monroe. In the midst of it, the Jeep is conquering the American terrain through snow, mountains, and countryside.

Ram - "Can't Remember"

"Can't Remember" is a surprisingly meta take on the Super Bowl ad. A couple of cowboys talk about their plans to watch the upcoming Super Bowl and their annoyance that some of the ads are already available online. "It kind of ruins it for me," remarks one of them, and they discuss memorable commercials, like "Puppy, Monkey, Baby" and the Budweiser Clydesdales. Unfortunately, neither of them can remember what the commercials were advertising. It closes with one of them suggesting that these companies should just "show you what they're selling" and pulls back to show the 2019 Ram Heavy Duty.

Ram - "Roll Rams Roll"

In "Roll Rams Roll," a Ram truck full of Los Angeles Rams fans, decked out in horns and football jerseys, is joined by a stampede of rams. Where are they going? To Atlanta, of course!

Ram - "4th Quarter Fight"

In "4th Quarter Fight," Ram pays tribute to everyday American struggles, using the metaphor of the fourth quarter of the game. It celebrates the triumphs of the single parent, farmers blistering in the sun, car mechanics putting in long hours at the garage, and soldiers taking on their third tour overseas. It's the most straightforward and traditional Super Bowl ad of the line-up, calling for the audience to leave it all out on the field, "whatever field that might be."

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