4 Vehicles From the FCA Family Wins Top Honors in the 2018 JD Powers Resale Value Awards

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Four vehicles from the Fiat-Chrysler US family were given the top honor in the newest JD Power Resale Value Awards.

The 2018 JD Power Resale Value Awards are given out after a lengthy process in which over 244 vehicles are evaluated using a sample of over 650,000 transactions.  The award selection bases itself on various aspects such as used vehicle wholesale price; the price that a dealer buys a used vehicle for.

The winners were the Ram 3500 for the highest resale value industry-wide.  The Dodge Challenger is the highest resale value midsize sporty car segment.  The Dodge Charger is the highest resale value large car segment.  Lastly the Jeep Wrangler is the highest resale value compact SUV segment.

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