The Jeep, Jeff Goldblum, and T-Rex Get a Rematch in New SuperBowl Ad

There is so many reasons to be excited for a new Superbowl.  If one of your teams made it into the big game, it’s clear to see why you’d be excited.  For the rest of us, that means looking at the other things that have made the Superbowl into the cultural milestone it is every year.  One of those is the commercials.  Every year the major brands go out of their way to top each other in more expensive, funnier, and more innovative ways to catch the eyes of the millions of consumers waiting for the game to come back.  It’s one of the weirder times when some people look more forward to the commercials.  Not to disappoint, Jeep has a long history of bringing their A-game to the Superbowl and making sure people are still talking about the brand when the highlights of the game stop.  For this year, Jeep pulled in some big guns to promote the brand.

One of the most iconic scenes in cinema featuring a Jeep is the deathly race between the Jeep and T-Rex in the original Jurrassic Park.  It’s a tense scene with Dr. Ian Malcom (Jeff Goldblum) laid out on the back of the Jeep as they try to out run a killer T-Rex.  Thankfully for the passengers, the Jeep is able to withstand the T-Rex assault, the off-road conditions, and get them to safety.

So why not revisit that classic scene to promote both the brand and tie-in with the upcoming sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom?  The new and hilarious Jeep ad showcases the original chase between the Jeep and the T-Rex before cutting to a modern Jeff Goldblum in the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler back in crisis as he is escaping yet another vicious T-Rex!  Before long it is shown to just be Goldblum in a Jeep at a dealership imagining the chase.

It’s a hilarious commercial and definitely one of the best of the Superbowl car commercials.  Check it out here:


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