Questions to Ask When Shopping for a New or Used Car

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The part of buying something major is the idea that I might get it wrong.  Be it a smartphone or a TV, I look at consumer reports and reviews constantly to prep myself so that I make the right decision the first time.

This cycle can get maddening, this idea that a purchase is so important that I can’t afford to screw it up.  Now put that pressure onto a car purchase and it is a wonder someone can come in and drive off the lot without checking into a nearby hospital with suspected ulcers from the stress.

Jalopnik seems to understand the stress that goes into wanting to not make the wrong decision which is why they have pointed out how to avoid getting the “wrong” car.

The difficulty of carbuying advice is there is no “one size fits all” approach.  For example, their first episode of Car Matchmaker had a person wanting a convertible.  After test-driving a Mustang GT drop-top, he decided against his original desire and went with a Challenger instead because of how the car felt to him.

This happens often to many people when it is time to make the actual decision.  Jalopnik compiled a list of what to keep in mind so that you do not buy the “wrong” car when that time comes in including:

“How much do you drive?”

“What do you need your car to do?”

“What are your must have features?”

“What kind of driving/ownership experience do you want?”

“Actually drive the darn thing.”

Check out the full article to get the full details on each segment but each of these questions are incredibly important ones to have an answer for.  By knowing what you expect from a car, you can at least gauge and narrow a search on which car suits your and your budget.


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