Learn How the Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System Can Protect Your Car

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In a new blog post, FCA360 highlighted one of their most useful features in combating car thieves: the Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS).

In 2014, there were 689,527 vehicles stolen according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  That roughly comes out to a car stolen every 46 seconds.  Of that number that were stolen, about 45 percent of the cars were never found.

To help protect owners against car thieves, Mopar has the Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System.  This is a state-of-the-art GPS-enabled stolen vehicle recover system.  It comes available in three packages.  The Base plan includes the GPS vehicle locator, a real-time stolen vehicle tracking, and $1,000 theft protection warranty.

The next level, the Silver package includes all the Base package as well as the ability to set a “security fence.”  What this does is set up a GPS perimeter where if the limits that the owner sets is exceeded then the owner will get a text message alert from their Mopar EVTS.  Also included in this package is arrival and departure notifications, a map of the vehicle’s previous locations, 24-hour emergency service dispatch and online tracking.

Gold’s package includes the previously mentioned features in the Silver and Base packages as well as unlimited online tracking and a full concierge service.  Sadly, this service will not rush a coffee out to you at the press of a button, but they will give directions, make reservations, and provide other assistance.

If you’re a car owner who wants to be able to protect their vehicle, you may want to look into investing into the Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System to give you peace of mind.

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